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Instructions for completing the POOL/PACT Educational Risk Management Grant Application

POOL/PACT is pleased to provide funding for risk management training to POOL/PACT members.  Training which is intended help members reduce or eliminate risk posed to members of the public and/or employees is appropriate for grant applications.  Educational grants are not intended to fund training which should ordinarily be provided to employees as a regular part of an employee's duties.  If the grant application is approved, the member will be timely notified of the grant amount.  The member will then be responsible for paying for costs for the training and related expenses (lodging, meals, transportation, and related costs).  Within 30 days of completion of the training, the member will submit all receipts to POOL/PACT for reimbursement up to the grant funding amount. Each member is allowed up to five Risk Management Educational Grants per year.  

The following information will be needed to complete the grant application:

1. The name of the Member Agency.  (e.g. Elko County School District, Indian Hills General Improvement District).
2. The name of the department or agency (if different than the Member Agency) the applicant(s) is employed with.
3. The name and email of the department which will receive the grant funding (e.g. the member agency’s comptroller, treasurer, or financial department).
4. The phone number and email of the person submitting the application.
5. The name, title, email, and phone number of the applicant(s) department/agency supervisor.
6. A completed “Supervisor’s Report,” which must be attached to the grant application. (A blank Supervisor’s Report can be downloaded here.)
7. Name of Training Event.
8. Current flyer and web address for training.
9. Total estimated amount of funding requested (which includes training costs, meals, lodging, travel, and other specifically related expenses).
10. A narrative describing learning objectives which will be achieved by attending this training.
11. A narrative describing participation in the training will specifically reduce, mitigate, or eliminate risks.
12. Each applicant will be required to submit a Validation Report within 30 days of completion of the training.  (A blank Validation Report can be downloaded here.)  Please note that failure to do so may result in denial of future POOL/PACT Risk Management Grants.
13. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
14. Grant funding may be used only for the training specified.  The member is responsible for and agrees to return any unused funding amount within 30 days of funding.

 Should you have any additional questions, please call POOL/PACT at (775) 885-7475


Documents you will need:

Supervisor Report
Download, save, and have this completed by the department supervisor before submitting online application. This form may also be completed and mailed to POOL/PACT.

Validation Report
Download and save this document. You will be required to submit this document within 30 days after training event is completed.

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