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Instructions for completing the POOL/PACT Educational Risk Management Grant Application

SECTION I - General Information and Funding Criteria

  1. General Information.  POOL/PACT is pleased to provide funding for risk management education and training programs intended to reduce or eliminate risk to member employees and/or the public it serves.  If you have any questions about the application or process, please contact Marshall Smith at (775) 885-7475 or, or Jarrod Hickman at (775) 885-7475 or
  2. Funding Criteria.  
    1. Appropriate Educational Risk Management Grants will include education or training programs intended to help members reduce or eliminate risk posed to its employees and/or the public it serves. 
    2. Educational Risk Management Grants are not intended to fund training which should ordinarily be provided to employees as a regular part of the employee's duties.  Other ineligible grant requests include, but are not limited to, education or training programs already paid for by the member.
    3. Grant applications will be reviewed upon an individual basis, based upon the evidence presented to support education or training for risk management, loss control, or safety.

SECTION II - Rules and Restrictions

  1. Members are limited to five (5) Educational Risk Management Grants of $2,000.00 per fiscal year or, after consultation with POOL/PACT Risk Management, any number of Educational Risk Management Grants with a cumulative total of $10,000.00 per fiscal year.
  2. Educational Risk Management Grants are reimbursed at 100% of the total cost. 
  3. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  4. After notice of approval of the grant, the applicant will have 90 days to submit proof of payment of all invoices.  If additional time is needed (i.e., unforeseen delay) the applicant must notify POOL/PACT Risk Management.  After 90 days, the grant approval will be rescinded and the application must be resubmitted. 
  5. Grant funding may only be used for the education or training program specified in the application.  The member is responsible for and agrees to return any unused funding amount within 30 days of funding.

SECTION III - The Application

  1. Member Information.  The following member information is needed to complete the application:
    1. The member's name. For example, Elko County, Town of Tonopah, or Incline Village General Improvement District. 
    2. The name of the department submitting the application, if applicable.  For example, Sheriff's Office, Human Resources, or Public Works.
    3. The name, phone number, and email of the person submitting the application.
    4. The name, email, and address of the department head who will receive the grant reimbursement.  For example, John Smith, Comptroller or Jane Doe, Treasurer.
  2. Grant Narrative.  The grant request must include a narrative explaining:
    1. The learning objectives which will be achieved by attending the education or training program, and
    2. How participation in the education or training program will significantly reduce, mitigate, or eliminate identified risks.
  3. Supporting Documents.  The following information must be submitted to support the grant request:
    1. The name of the education or training program or event;
    2. A current promotional flyer and the website address for the education or training program;
    3. A total estimate of the funding request including registration costs, meals, lodging, travel, and other specifically related expenses; and
    4. A completed Supervisor Report.

SECTION IV - Approval

  1. Proof of Payment.  If the grant application is approved, the member must submit all receipts associated with the education or training program to POOL/PACT within 30 days to and/or  Upon receipt of proof of payment, POOL/PACT will issue reimbursement to the member's treasurer or comptroller listed in the application. 
  2. Validation Report.  If the grant application is approved, the member must submit a Validation Report within 30 days after the grant subject training or education program.  Failure to do so may result in denial of future Risk Management Grants.
  3. Loss Control Excellence Program.  If the grant application is approved, you will need to submit one or more sections of the LCEP within 30 days of approval.   Please call Marshall Smith or Jarrod Hickman at (775) 885-7475 to schedule a meeting for this requirement.

SECTION V - Questions

If you have any questions about the Educational Risk Management Grant application or process, please call or email:

Marshall Smith at (775) 885-7475 or

Jarrod Hickman at (775) 885-7475 or

Documents you will need:

Supervisor Report
Download, save, and have this completed by the department supervisor before submitting online application. This form may also be completed and mailed to POOL/PACT.

Validation Report
Download and save this document. You will be required to submit this document within 30 days after training event is completed.

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